Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Dreamers Series by Adriana Herrera

Hey folks,
I have just devoured a couple of books (ebook &audio) by a new to me author, and I cannot recommend them highly enough!
The lady herself is Adriana Herrera and she is amazing! She is on twitter as @ladrianaherrera and has her author website at
I started out with American Fairytale in audio (narrated by Sean Crisden who is so brilliant with this book) which turned out to be book two in a series. Obviously I went right back for book one - American Dreamer and read and listened to both books. This lead to me several times having to go back and re-read, since many of the characters are in both books (and I am apparently easily confused) but I just adored both books and have pre-ordered the third book (American Love Story).
Both books are sweet, sexy, sassy, have excellent own-voices representation and have brilliant positive rep of carribean/Latinx immigrants making it in the USA, with strong family and chosen-family vibe.
Most importantly, the books are well written, have great dialogue, relatively low angst and I really did laugh and cry with the characters. There is also a guaranteed quality HEA and lots of gorgeous food references.
Do yourself a favour and get these books!