Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Jericho Candelario's Gay Debut

Jerry Candelario, known as Potts to almost everyone, has spent his entire adult life focused on raising his siblings and his niece. But the home he fought hard to make feels empty since everyone has grown up and moved out, and his precious baby niece is now a teen with a life of her own. With fewer people at the dinner table every night, Jerry suddenly has all the time in the world to think about what he wants. 

For years, Jerry has kept to himself, never going to college, never dating or doing anything with his evenings except getting lost in a book. But although he pushed aside his longing for community and romance, he never stopped imagining the freedom he might have in a distant someday. 

Then kind, clever, and out Lincoln Lee opened a bakery in Jerry’s small town. Jerry told himself he was lucky when they became friends. He was too busy to try for a relationship, and someone like Lincoln would never want someone like him anyway. But now that Jerry’s nights are free, all he wants to do is spend them with Lincoln. Jerry knows nothing about gay culture, or dating, or being in love. With Lincoln, he wants to try, but is he making a fool of himself or is his someday finally here? 


1.    It’s R. Cooper so you know its good.
2.    It’s a buck on the ‘Zon right now.
3.    It’s perfect imperfect people.
4.    A baker who is this kind beautiful middle aged man
5.    A handyman who you want to hug from word one to the last.
6.    Family that are working thru ISSUES
7.    And a love story. Just this beautiful elegant friendship that turns into something more.

My book loving people I picked this up, and read it in one go. Plan some zero interrupting read time. A bath, a hidden room, a driftwood fort on a beach away from the world and just read this book.

R. Cooper is a flipping genius and every single thing she has ever written has been awesome and this book is no exception.  It isn’t a goofy happy wild book. Its this incredible look into a lonely man who is in love with this best friend. It’s a story about a man who has always taken care of everyone else and doesn’t really know what to do about his heart.

And Lincoln is great because he is so loving and open and fierce but with this sweetness for Jerry. 
This will become one of those stories you will come back to time and again.

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