Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Mercenary's Mate

Welcome to the mercenary ship, The Blue Solace:

Leti Ando needs off planet and fast. He has a best friend and a new half-sister to rescue, and he needs to be sneaky about it. Unfortunately sneaky isn't really his thing. With the help of a friend, Leti and his menagerie, along with his two companions, stow away aboard a mystery ship. Little does he know that The Blue Solace belongs to the infamous mercenary, Captain Will Hackett, a man he'll come to love with everything inside him.

Will has been in a bitchy ass mood for the past six months. He's restless and grumpy, but doesn't know why. He knows he needs something and he can't find it, but his crew are out of patience and insist on some R &R back home at Charybdis Station. 

Then Hack finds a stow away angel and everything changes. Leti is his mate and he'll do anything to keep him safe and happy, even smile.

The galaxy's not a safe place, though, and The Blue Solace has a job to do: pick up a renowned scientist and his mysterious artifact. Then get them safely back to Charybdis Station. Hack and Leti don't realize their romance story is about to get hijacked by Concord mercenaries. Their love is easy, it happens just like that. Staying alive and keeping the galaxy safe? That's a little harder.


I love a good space opera. I also love a good no angst mpreg. I ALSO love a stowaway story.

This has them all.

I really needed to escape my real life this last week. (Three teens doing teen things) I picked this up hoping I could snuggle in and read about alien romance and that is exactly what I got.
I also laughed at space chickens being set up in the ship chow hall, fell for a snarky badass best friend who pushes you to be your most amazing self, and read the greatest keep it real sex talk I have ever read in a romance novel.  (I know I was like wait what? This is…writing it down if I ever need to give a keep it real sex talk)

Leti is adorable, fun, quirky, not really shy even if they say he is shy, has great fashion, and falls quickly for his mate, ship captain Will.

Will to his friends is tough but loyal. Family even if he is grumpy. But Leti just enchants him from the first moment and we don’t see that grumpy side we only see his affection for Leti.

They are a great team inside a great team. The ship is full of very fun secondary characters, family, a new home full of hope, and lots of animals wondering around. Oh and Princess the best pet a space ship at war can ever have. (no spoilers!)

I’m on book three right now my friends and downloading four this afternoon.


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